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The Devonport & District Motor Cycle Club was formed in 1936. Four enthusiastic motor cyclists, Jack Kinsman, Bill Bawden, Bert Bishop and Ted McSweeny decided that it was time a Motor Cycle Club was formed in Plymouth. Initially the club was called Devonport & District Motor Cycle & Three Wheeler Club. Regular Sunday Club Runs were organised, the first was to Fingle Bridge (West of Exeter). Towards the end of 1937 with a club membership of ninety, the first Road Trial took place. Club Runs and Road Trials continued up to 1939 (outbreak of the Second World War), when the Club was disbanded.


In 1945 with the war being over, the club was re-formed. To get things going again, an Open Invitation Trial was arranged for 8th July 1945, which was very successful. Further events were organised, but restricted due to petrol being rationed (after the war to 1950). With membership growing the club activities included Club Runs, Solo and Pillion Trials, Mountain Grass Tracks and Scrambles. 


In later years the main activities were Scrambles and Trials. Scrambles were held at such places as Horrabridge, Bickleigh, Forder Valley, Pennymoor, Lifton, Chillaton, Clearbrook and Hemerdon. Scrambles continued up to the late 1970’s early 1980’s.

In recent years, only Motor Cycle Trials are organised, with about six events a year.

Devonport & District Motor Cycle Club is run by a committee of its members as shown below (from AGM February 2024):


Chairman: Keith Worden.

Secretary: Simon Thornhill.


                  Mobile No. 07772355210.

Treasurer: Martin Gilbert.

Club Historian: Mervin Williams.

Committee Members:  Andi King.

                                    Richard Mumford.

                                    Jon Stafford.

                                    Dave Williams. 

                                    Mike Wilson.                                    



Committee Meetings

Committee meetings are held on the first Monday of each month (if bank holiday, second Monday) at 7.30pm at The Avon Inn, Avonwick, South Brent, TQ10 9NB. All club members are welcome.


Charity donations are made up from any surplus money made through the year. The total amount is decided at our AGM. Our main charity being the Devon Air Ambulance Trust.

Donations made to the Devon Air Ambulance Trust:

2009: £544,  2010: £600,  2011: £500,  2012: £625, 2013: £600,  2014: £624,  2015: £540, 

2016: £620, 2017: £500, 2018: £750, 2019: £1000, 2021: £1000, 2022: £750, 2023: £1000. 

Devon Air Ambulance Trust Certificate 20
Devon Air Ambulance Trust Certificate 2022.jpg
Devon Air Ambulance Trust Certificate 20
Devon Air Ambulance Trust Certificate 2021.jpg
Devon Air Ambulance Certificate of Thanks 2023.JPG

Ivan Pridham presenting a cheque for £1000 to St. Lukes Hospice on 9th October 2013.

Left to right: St. Lukes representative, Pat Pridham, Derek Fuller, Ivan Pridham, Martin Gilbert, Richard Tucker, Mike Wilson, St. Lukes representative and Mervin Williams.

Keith Worden (left) presenting a charity donation cheque for £500 from Devonport & District MCC to the Devon Air Ambulance Trust on 13th February 2018.

2018 DAAT Donation.jpg
St Luke's Hospice Plymouth (Letter of Thanks Mar 23).jpg
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